Gain Visibility and Control of At-Home Printing


Gain Visibility and Control of At-Home Printing

23 min

The global shutdown turned the corporate world on its head and provided companies with a new perspective on what was possible with employees working from home. What used to be handled in the office now happens anywhere employees call the office. With flexible arrangements and the increasingly remote workforce here to stay, organizations today must be able to support the printing needs of their remote employees to stay productive, while addressing the new challenges presented by the remote and hybrid workforce.


Join this session to learn how the Pharos Cloud can help organizations manage the unmanaged by:

  • Gaining visibility over employees’ at-home printing
  • Enabling remote workers to print to devices on their home network from their work computers
  • Reducing costs and protecting sensitive data by restricting what remote employees can print on their home network
  • Reducing Help Desk time supporting unfamiliar printers
  • Supporting hybrid workers with seamless remote and in-office printing options

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