Aligning your Hybrid Workforce Print Needs with Cybersecurity Initiatives


Aligning your Hybrid Workforce Print Needs with your Cybersecurity Initiatives

As a result of an increasingly distributed workforce, IT managers have developed new cybersecurity protocols for remote work, but they often overlook printing. Their remote authentication and authorization strategies are designed to keep corporate data and infrastructure secure even when it’s accessed from a distance, but they usually don’t include either company printers or personal (and often shared) printers that employees may be using at home.


As companies adapt to the changing office environment, it’s important to address the needs of employees who print at home as well as those who go back and forth from the office. Employees need to be able to print without a great deal of friction when it comes to accessing the appropriate printer, and ideally, IT managers will provide training on what they should and should not print to create a culture of security. The key is figuring out how to use print management to balance security and convenience.

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