2022 Print Management Best Practices for a Hybrid Workforce


2022 Print Management Best Practices for a Hybrid Workforce

Strengthening security posture and enabling flexible work arrangements are primary priorities for many organizations this year. However, some tried-and-true processes that worked before the pandemic—and before remote work became the predicted expectation moving forward—aren’t as effective in 2022. As companies shift to the “new normal” of hybrid work, many best practices should be reconsidered and redefined to streamline business in the future. 
While many organizations had robust print management strategies for in-office work, leaders are increasingly discovering that these strategies don’t meet the security, financial, and productivity goals they once did. As cybersecurity continues to pose a pressing threat to organizations navigating hybrid work styles, companies are finding that reevaluating their print management strategy is more critical than they may have realized. 
Like everything else, much has changed around print in the last two years, and in many cases, policies still in place today do not reflect the best practices companies should adopt in the future. Here’s everything you need to know about shifting your print management strategy in 2022.

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